Tools and checklists

As part of our commitment to assisting registered organisations, the ROC is focused on providing registered organisations with guidance materials that assist them to effectively respond to reports of Disclosable Conduct.

Whistleblower policy template

Encouraging people within registered organisations to speak up in relation to their concerns is an important part of ensuring that their organisation is run according to its rules and policies.

Having a whistleblower policy which outlines the processes and protections in place when raising matters is one way to increase the likelihood that members and others will raise matters early so that the organisation can take appropriate action.

A registered organisation or branch that wishes to use the Whistleblower policy template needs to carefully consider the contents of the template policy and amend as required to fit with the resources and structure of the organisation or branch.

In considering the policy, each organisation is reminded to take into account whether it will be able to effectively comply with the provisions of the policy, and how the organisation or branch will implement the policy and educate officers, employees and members about the policy.

Download: Whistleblower policy template for registered organisations (DOCX 174.3KB)

Fact sheets

Fact sheet: Protections for whistleblowers (PDF 348.1KB)

This fact sheet outlines what an eligible disclosure is and the protections available for disclosures

Fact sheet: Penalties for taking a reprisal against a whistleblower (PDF 203.8KB)

This fact sheet details the type of conduct that may amount to a reprisal, as well as the penalties for taking reprisals because of a disclosure.