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Responding to a protected disclosure

The ROC seeks to foster a culture of voluntary compliance in registered organisations. Consistent with this, the ROC encourages organisations, their officers and employees to address instances of potential non-compliance as soon as they become aware of them.

Part of how the ROC aims to achieve this is by providing registered organisations with guidance material to assist them in handling complaints, alleged breaches of internal rules and policies, as well as planning for and responding to reports of Disclosable Conduct.

The ROC has received feedback from stakeholders that organisations want support material and guidance to help manage matters.

The ROC recognises that some registered organisations do not have the internal resources to develop materials needed to manage and guide them.

Whistleblower information and material has been developed for registered organisations which aims to raise awareness of the whistleblower scheme and its provisions.

Encouraging a 'Speak Up' culture

The ROC also encourages registered organisations to have a ‘speak up’ culture.

A ‘speak up’ culture is a values driven culture and encourages officers, members and employees to voice their concerns without fear of reprisal.

At times, potential disclosers might be fearful of speaking up when they observe or suspect wrongdoing. They might worry that this will bring them into conflict with others or that they may suffer as a result of voicing their concerns.

Encouraging those within organisations to ‘speak up’ in relation to inappropriate behaviour or conduct assists an organisation in acting ethically, according to its rules and policies and allowing potential disclosers to safely raise their concerns.

Creating this sense of safety allows people to speak up confidently and reduce the risk of potential and real non-compliance within any regulatory framework.

Designated official and manager's guide to handling matters within registered organisations

The Designated official and manager's guide to handling matters within registered organisations has been created to provide designated officials, managers, senior officers and committees of management within registered organisations with tools and procedures to effectively encourage, manage, and support people who wish to raise complaints, breaches of internal rules or policies, or to make reports of 'disclosable conduct' within an organisation. 

Designated official and manager's guide to handling matters within registered organisations

Tools and checklists

More information about the tools available to assist organisations to effectively respond to disclosures and develop a speak up culture can be found on our Tools and checklists webpage.

Have an enquiry?

The ROC often seeks feedback from registered organisations to identify how we can improve our services. Registered organisations are also encouraged to do the same.

If you would like the ROC to assist you by reviewing your organisation’s in complaints handling framework, get in touch with us at regorgs@roc.gov.au