New resources for whistleblower assistance


27 March 2019

The ROC has released additional web-based resources to assist registered organisations and their officers respond to protected disclosures (whistleblower disclosures).

These latest web-based resources include a guide for handling protected disclosures within registered organisations, investigation templates and online videos explaining the types of conduct that can be the subject of disclosures.

The new resources complement the information made available in January, which included a template for organisations looking to develop and implement ‘in-house’ whistleblower policies.

The ROC has released these new materials to assist registered organisations and better equip them to handle disclosures and to encourage positive ‘speak-up’ cultures.

The new resources can be found on the dedicated Whistleblower page of the ROC’s website.

The ROC welcomes feedback from stakeholders about its support material and invites suggestions for improvements. We welcome your feedback via email at