ROC Compliance Calculator

The Registered Organisations Commission’s calculator helps organisations, their branches, officers and members understand legislative deadlines.

The calculator provides information on loans, grants and donations statements, financial reporting, annual returns, Officer and Related Party (ORP) statements, elections, notifications of change and approved financial training.

This calculator is not a replacement for your organisation’s rules or the legislation.  


  1. Select your financial year end.
  2. Expand the section of the calculator that deals with the topic you are seeking information on.
  3. Insert your organisation/branch's specific dates.
  4. Check those dates match the timeframes provided in the calculator.

Some sections of the calculator will not fill in, or be able to be filled in, until actual dates are supplied.

It is not recommended that tasks are done on the last possible day.


Optimal compliance

The calculator includes practical limitations as well as legal requirements to ensure optimal compliance for organisations and their branches. 

For instance it restricts:

  • the earliest time an AGM can occur to ensure that the full financial report is able to be provided to members 21 days before the AGM or 
  • the last date for providing the report to members to ensure that the Designated Officer's Certificate can be fully completed for lodgement with the ROC.


The calculator is not a replacement for your organisation’s rules or the legislation. It is designed to be guidance only. If you are uncertain or unsure of the timeframes and how they impact your organisation/branch, you may wish to seek legal advice.

The calculator assumes the financial year occurs at the end of the chosen month – if this is not correct, the calculator will not supply accurate information.