Our Education Strategy

The Registered Organisations Commission's Education Strategy provides a comprehensive planning tool for organisations and their officials to program their education needs or preferences throughout the 2018/2019 financial year.

The education projects and materials contained within the Strategy outline the subjects the ROC proposes to target and the proposed timeframes for the availability of updated materials and resources.  The ROC's goal in publishing the Strategy is to enable registered organisations, their officers, employees and members, as well as registered auditors, to plan the steps they will take to stay abreast of developments in this area or to upskill.  Together through education, new tools and collaborative events, the ROC wishes to equip officers and employees of all registered organisations to achieve best practice outcomes for their members.

The Strategy includes steps scheduled to coincide with various upcoming obligations of registered organisations, including a number of refresher modules.  The Strategy is available below:


Download: Education Strategy