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The Registered Organisations Commission and the Fair Work Commission (FWC) both assist with registered organisations.

While we (the ROC) deal with financial governance, reporting and elections, the FWC provides many administrative services for registered organisations. This includes their registration, amalgamation and cancellation, issuing entry permits and approving their rules. 

Visit the Fair Work Commission’s website for information on the following topics: 

Registration external-icon.png - Learn how to apply for and become a registered organisation. 

Amalgamation and cancellation of registration - Find out the rules and processes for how organisations can amalgamate or be cancelled. 

Organisations’ rules - Every registered organisation must have rules that meet both member and FWC requirements. Find information on requirements and training. Changing rules -The FWC must approve any changes to an organisation’s rules. Learn how to apply for a change and access forms and contact details.

Entry permits external-icon.png -The FWC issues entry permits, which are essential for union officials to enter workplaces. Discover how to apply for entry permits, how to use them properly and your rights.

Gazette notices external-icon.png - Find the most recent applications by registered organisations published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. 

Find recognised state associations external-icon.png - Some state registered associations seek federal recognition so they can operate in the national industrial system. Find state registered associations, including transitionally recognised associations and recognised state-registered associations, on the FWC’s website.