Using this website

Our website has been designed to be as easy as possible to use from your computer, tablet or mobile.

Features of our website

Our website has various features:

  • You can increase and decrease text size on every page using the buttons on the top right hand corner.
  • The print button will print any page in a print-friendly format.
  • The download pages as pdf button at the bottom of every page will download the page as a colourful PDF. You can use this to create your own fact sheet.


Our website has a limited number of documents that cannot be provided in HTML. To assist users to download and share web content some documents have been made available in Portable Document Format (PDF) or as a Microsoft Word document (RTF).

For downloadable documents, an icon appears alongside the document link to indicate the file type and size. Most documents are smaller than 1MB.

PDF Readers

You’ll need a PDF reader to download and view PDF files. There are a number of free PDF readers, including:

  • Adobe Reader external-icon.png – available for Windows, MACOSX, Unix/Linux
  • Foxit Reader external-icon.png – available for Windows, Unix/Linux
  • Okular external-icon.png – available for Windows, MacOAS, Unix/Linux
  • Evince external-icon.png available for Windows, Unix/Linux.

Microsoft Word and Excel documents

You’ll need a document reader to download word documents and excel spreadsheets. There are a number of free products available online, including: