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Government organisations

The Fair Work Commission external-icon.png is the independent national workplace relations tribunal. It carries out a range of functions relating to awards and agreements, termination and industrial action and disputes.

The Australian Building and Construction Commission external-icon.png (ABCC) is responsible for ensuring cooperative, productive and harmonious workplace relations in the building industry.

The Fair Work Ombudsman external-icon.png provides a number of tools and resources to help employers and employees understand their workplace rights and obligations.

Workplace health and safety

Safe Work Australia external-icon.png is the statutory agency overseeing the harmonisation of state and territory workplace health and safety laws.

Each state and territory has a local workplace health and safety body, which regulates and investigates breaches of laws about workplace health and safety, including bullying and harassment.

Legal organisations

Australasian Legal Information Institute external-icon.png provides access to legislation and court judgements as well as summaries on the law.

Commonwealth of Australia Law ComLaw external-icon.png provides online copies of Commonwealth legislation and related documents.

The Federal Court of Australia external-icon.png has jurisdiction to deal with most civil disputes, along with some criminal matters.

The High Court of Australia external-icon.png is the supreme court in Australia and decides cases of federal significance and hears appeals from Federal, State and Territory courts.

Legal aid external-icon.png in each state and territory may be able to provide legal advice or assistance.