The Australian Retailers Association (ARA)

The Registered Organisations Commission is responsible for regulating the financial returns, annual returns, elections and disclosures of registered organisations. These records are available below.

Rules and Rule alterations remain with the Fair Work Commission and the FWC continues to host those records on its website external-icon.png.

About the ARA

Organisation type and coverage: an organisation of employers connected to the retail trading industry

Financial year: 1 July to 30 June

Date of registration: 4 October 1974

The supreme governing authority of the organisation is vested in the ARA Council.

The organisation does not have branches. It instead has representatives from retail businesses located in each state, including national retailers, elected to the ARA Council.  

The ARA Council also comprises the elected National Office Bearers. 

Its elections are conducted by the AEC.

For the current rules, information on rules, rule alterations and permits, please see the Fair Work Commission website. These matters are dealt with by the Fair Work Commission.

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Documents Type Date Entity Print & MNC Comments Code
AR2021/4 Annual returns 2021 ARA - Central Office 260V
E2021/159 Elections 2021 ARA - Central Office PR 352026 [2021] ROCD 135 Casual vacancy and insufficient nominations 260V
ORP2021/53 Disclosure statement 2021 ARA - Central Office 260V
AR2020/4 Annual returns 2020 -central office- 260V
E2021/156 Elections 2020 ARA - Central Office Print Id 351711 MNC [2020] ROCD 129 Casual vacancy election 260V
FR2020/50 Financial reports 2020 ARA - Central Office Financial year ending 30 June 2020 260V
ORP2020/51 Disclosure statement 2020 ARA - Central Office 260V
AR2019/69 Annual returns 2019 -central office- 260V
E2018/233 Elections 2019 -central office- 260V
E2019/23 Elections 2019 -central office- 260V
FR2019/55 Financial reports 2019 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2019 260V
ORP2019/60 Disclosure statement 2019 -central office- 260V
AR2018/72 Annual returns 2018 -central office- 260V
E2018/122 Elections 2018 -central office- casual vacancies election 260V
FR2018/209 Financial reports 2018 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2018 260V
ORP2018/1249 Disclosure statement 2018 -central office- 260V
AR2017/74 Annual returns 2017 -central office- 260V
E2017/106 Elections 2017 -central office- recall election - Insufficient nominations in E2016/259 260V
FR2017/213 Financial reports 2017 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2017 260V
AR2016/81 Annual returns 2016 -central office- 260V
E2016/259 Elections 2016 -central office- 260V
FR2016/267 Financial reports 2016 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2016 260V
AR2015/86 Annual returns 2015 -central office- 260V
E2015/81 Elections 2015 -central office- 260V
FR2015/139 Financial reports 2015 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2015 260V
AR2014/116 Annual returns 2014 -central office- 260V
FR2014/150 Financial reports 2014 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2014 260V
AR2013/186 Annual returns 2013 -central office- 260V
E2013/183 Elections 2013 -central office- 260V
FR2013/212 Financial reports 2013 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2013 260V
AR2012/286 Annual returns 2012 -central office- 260V
E2012/392 Elections 2012 -central office- 260V
FR2012/307 Financial reports 2012 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2012 260V
AR2011/2591 Annual returns 2011 -central office- 260V
FR2011/2622 Financial reports 2011 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2011 260V
AR2010/2593 Annual returns 2010 -central office- 260V
E2010/2713 Elections 2010 -central office- 260V
FR2010/2608 Financial reports 2010 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2010 260V
AR2009/298 Annual returns 2009 -central office- 260V
E2009/10057 Elections 2009 -central office- 260V
E2009/10062 Elections 2009 -central office- 260V
E2009/10083 Elections 2009 -central office- 260V
FR2009/315 Financial reports 2009 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2009 260V
AR2008/408 Annual returns 2008 -central office- 260V
E2008/220 Elections 2008 -central office- 260V
FR2008/303 Financial reports 2008 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2008 260V
E2007/133 Elections 2007 -central office- 260V
FR2007/455 Financial reports 2007 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2007 260V
AR2006/246 Annual returns 2006 -central office- PLUS AR2006/247-250 260V
FR2006/469 Financial reports 2006 -central office- Financial year ending 30 June 2006 260V