Episode 11: Good governance in practice: record keeping and decision making

Episode 11: Good governance in practice: record keeping and decision making

Proper decision making and good record keeping can protect the registered organisation, its officersand its members.

They are equally important to ensure that registered organisations are transparentand accountable to their members.There are a number of records that registered organisations must keep under the Fair Work(Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (the RO Act). However, good governance practices may gobeyond the requirements in the RO Act.

To assist people in registered organisations to apply best practice governance processes, the ROChas released a new podcast episode. It includes real life examples, practical tips and concrete learnings from years of working withorganisations.

This is the first podcast in our ‘Good governance in practice’ series, which we will be bringing to youover the next year. These podcasts will include handy tips about what registered organisationsshould consider on topics such as inducting new officers, holding meetings, and how to managepotential conflicts of interest.

Episode highlights

0:56:       Introduction of ROC’s Good Governance in Practice podcast series
1:45:       What decision are we talking about?
4:45:       Financial decision making and officer financial training
7:00:       The challenges
9:30:       The importance of good record keeping
10:20:     The records that must be kept
14:15:     Record keeping procedures 

Episode 11 transcript (PDF 296KB)

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