ROC Quarterly Newsletter

Published ROC Newsletters

The ROC provides quarterly issues of a newsletter as a method of providing general information to registered organisations, including comments from the Commissioner, tips for improving compliance, latest compliance trends and more.


August 2020 Issue (PDF 1.4MB)

May 2020 Issue (PDF 944.9KB)

February 2020 Issue (PDF 1.6MB)

November 2019 Issue  (PDF 917.1KB)

August 2019 Issue (PDF 1.1MB)

May 2019 Issue (PDF 1MB) 

February 2019 Issue (PDF 561.7KB)

November 2018 Issue (PDF 521.5KB)

August 2018 Issue (PDF 371.7KB)

May 2018 Issue (PDF 736KB)

February 2018 Issue (PDF 722.3KB)

November 2017 Issue (PDF 653.4KB)

August 2017 Issue (PDF 212KB)