May 2020: Online panel discussion

The Registered Organisations Commission hosted an online question and answer panel discussion on Thursday 28 May and received just under 120 registrations as part of the 'new normal' of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. From that total, we were delighted to have 81 participants actually join and engage with us for the discussion, with broad representation from unions, employer organisations, auditors and government.

100% of survey respondents have said they would attend another online event hosted by the Registered Organisations Commission.

     "It was a good session and really well presented"

The panel members included subject matter experts from the ROC who responded to questions submitted to us on issues such as the challenges to compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic, financial reporting (with specific guidance for organisations with a financial year ending on 30 June), officer financial training and other registered organisation governance matters.

For the benefit of those who missed the live event, we have now published an audio recording below.

The ROC is extremely encouraged by the level of interest in its first online panel discussion and is considering how we can offer additional education opportunities online in the next financial year.



The resources referred to in this discussion can be found on our dedicated COVID-19 webpage.

Download: Online panel discussion transcript

Please note that the multimedia file of our online panel discussion has not been edited and the event was conducted live. This transcript is also unedited. The information conveyed in the recording is general information only. 


  • Chris Enright – Executive Director, Registered Organisations Commission
  • Joanne Fenwick – Financial Reporting Specialist, Registered Organisations Commission
  • Bill Steenson – Principal Lawyer, Compliance and Litigation, Registered Organisations Commission
  • MaryAnne Guina – Principal Adviser, Compliance and Investigations, Registered Organisations Commission


  • Auditor: 7
  • Employer Association: 18
  • Government Department: 1
  • Peak Body: 1
  • Union: 53
  • Other: 1
  • Total: 81