May Masterclasses 2021

The ROC held a series of small online masterclasses in May. We were joined by representatives of registered organisations and auditors.

Topics discussed included:

  • Registered auditors under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations Act) 2009
  • Good governance tips to assist with compliance
  • The duties of officers

We designed our online masterclasses to maximise the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and participate in discussion. Feedback continues to shape the content and format of our education program. 

I am happy to attend the events provided by the ROC. Can never have enough information when it comes to completing documentation in a timely manner and finding that, from the ROC education and templates, the organisation is being compliant. I don't have any specific areas of concern, but enjoy and gain much from the ROC events... 

(Feedback from an attendee of a masterclass)

Our annual Education Strategy 2021/2022 includes the schedule for our upcoming education events and the release of other tools and resources over the next financial year.