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Compliance updates

As part of our approach to optimise voluntary compliance and promote good governance in registered organisations, the Registered Organisations Commission (the ROC) publishes information about emerging themes and issues.

These updates are about, for example, recent Court decisions, issues brought to the attention of the ROC, or trends in compliance outcomes.

hand and money

September 2022

Payment of legal fees 21 September 2022

long document

July 2022

How consistent record keeping can help you succeed 29 July 2022


March 2022

Managing conflicts of interest 31 March 2022

Is your organisation transparent and complying with notification of change requirements? 8 March 2022

credit card

July 2021

Are you using your credit cards appropriately? 30 July 2021


August 2020

Whistleblower disclosures and industrial elections 31 August 2020


January 2020

Below-value disposal of vehicles – an emerging issue 9 January 2020

In addition to our compliance updates, further education tools and resources are also available online.