Updated annual returns resources

11 February 2019

The ROC has recently updated its online educational materials in relation to the lodgement of annual returns.

The annual returns checklists, which are used by the ROC to assess the annual lodgement of information, have been updated to reflect the additional procedures which will be undertaken by the ROC in 2019.

Following the lodgement of the annual return, in addition to the assessment of the information in accordance with the RO Act, the ROC will also consult with organisations to validate a list of officers who exercise financial duties, and request additional information about their completion of approved financial training.

Following consultation with registered organisations, the ROC will undertake an audit of compliance with section 293K of the RO Act, namely the obligation for officers with financial duties to undertake approved financial training within six months of taking office. 

The updated checklists provide guidance for organisations to assist with the preparation of their annual return, and gives insight into the additional steps undertaken by the ROC in 2019 in its compliance audit. 

The ROC has a suite of educational material available to assist registered organisations to prepare their annual return, including Factsheets, templates and webinars.

Registered organisations have an obligation under the RO Act to lodge their annual return with the ROC on or before 31 March 2019.

If you have any questions in relation to your annual return or any other matter, please contact our office during business hours on 1300 341 665, or by emailing regorgs@roc.gov.au