Update on Melbourne information session

7 May 2018

On 4 May 2018, Commissioner Mark Bielecki led the delivery of the ROC’s second broad based information session to around 100 representatives of trade unions and employer organisations in Melbourne.  The half day information session was designed to provide education around a range of issues relevant to registered organisations and their members including financial reporting obligations, new officer induction, corrupting benefits and officer and related party disclosures and general compliance.

In an almost mirror image of the first information session in March at Parramatta, the ROC received an extensive range of positive feedback about the topics and information delivered, including about the Counsel Panel Discussion facilitated by barrister Rebecca Nelson and comprised of Kristine Hanscombe QC, Chris O’Grady QC and Mark Irving SC.  Also similar to earlier responses to a poll conducted about whether the ROC should continue to deliver information sessions in other locations, around 99% of respondents who provided feedback at the Melbourne session indicated that they would attend further information sessions conducted by the ROC.

These first two information sessions have involved over 200 registrants representing 62 Registered Organisations, comprised of 32 unions and 30 employer organisations. Together these represent almost 60% of all Registered Organisations.

The slides from the Melbourne information session will be made available soon.

As part of the ROC’s ongoing commitment to providing education and advice to registered organisations and their members, we will now review the most recent feedback to plan further information sessions which we know are being strongly supported by our stakeholders.