ROC's first newsletter helps you stay up to date

22 August 2017

Unions and employer organisations now have another way of staying up to date with the latest compliance information, with the Registered Organisations Commission releasing its first newsletter.

The newsletter – available here – outlines what the changes to the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 mean for the reporting obligations of registered organisations.

"This newsletter will be a quarterly publication", Registered Organisations Commissioner, Mark Bielecki, said.

"We aim to communicate proactively with registered organisations about their reporting requirements. This is demonstrated by our regular emails to subscribers, our new online survey and by releasing our first newsletter."

"By explaining the recent legislative changes in a simple newsletter style, I hope to encourage a culture of voluntary compliance and interactive cooperation with registered organisations."

The newsletter also lists the differing responsibilities of the Fair Work Commission and the Registered Organisation Commission to ensure organisations lodge their documents with the correct statutory office.

"The Commission seeks to enhance accountability and transparency within employee and employer organisations to improve public confidence in the sector," Commissioner Bielecki said.

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