ROC delivers interactive workshop in Adelaide for the first time

5 July 2019

The Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) delivered an interactive information workshop in Adelaide this week, after receiving more than 50 pre-registrations from officers, financial specialists and administrators of employer groups and unions.

Topics discussed included financial reporting, elections, annual returns and notifications of change, officer and related party disclosures and handling whistleblower matters. ROC staff also showcased some of the tools, products and assistance available to help registered organisations to meet their obligations under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

Workshops have been held around Australia in Parramatta, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Perth and Brisbane in 2018 and 2019.  Almost 550 people have attended ROC workshops around the country, with 78 different registered organisations attending these sessions – almost three-quarters of the registered organisations the ROC interacts with.

The structure of the Adelaide workshop was streamlined in response to feedback from previous attendees in other cities. The Adelaide workshop saw the ROC run two concurrent workshops instead of three, allowing for longer session times.

Feedback from participants was again overwhelmingly positive – a trend that has continued as the ROC has delivered these workshops over the past two years.

Participants indicated that they valued being able to meet face-to-face with staff from the ROC as well as valuing the interactive workshops and information being delivered. Feedback from participants included that the presenters were engaged, helpful and approachable and that they communicated well and explained things simply.

The ROC’s next workshop will be held in Canberra in September 2019, with a Hobart workshop to follow in November 2019.  Information about these workshops will be released in coming months.