Reminder to lodge your Annual Return


29 January 2019

A reminder to registered organisations that your annual lodgement of information (Annual Return) is due to be lodged with the ROC on or before 31 March 2019. This notice identifies some common issues and questions, and provides some responses and answers to assist in the preparation of your Annual Return. 

Who can sign the declarations?

The declaration must be signed by the Secretary or officer who is required to keep the records.

List of persons holding office.

The list of the persons holding office must be correct as at the date at which the declaration is signed.

Do offices need to be listed if they are vacant?

Yes.  Organisations must provide a full list of all office positions. All offices need to be listed, even if they are vacant.

Can postal addresses be provided?

Street addresses must be provided for organisations and branches.

Election information

The organisation must provide a record of each scheduled election due in 2019.

The number of members of the organisation

The number of members includes all financial and non-financial members who were listed on the organisation’s register of members on 31 December 2018. The term ‘member’ is taken to mean any member who is eligible to be a member under the eligibility rules of the organisation.

When must notifications of change be lodged?

Notifications of change must be lodged with the ROC within 35 days of the change taking effect. This is 35 calendar days and includes public holidays, weekends etc. Organisations must notify the ROC of the creation or cessation of branches, and the related changes to offices and holders of office as a result of this change. Where a rule change causes a change to elections scheduled in the current year, the ROC will also need to be notified within 35 days.

Additional information on Annual Return obligations is available on the tools and resources section of the ROC website. In particular, our latest webinar provides further information and tips to assist when lodging an Annual Return including what your lodgement needs to contain, common areas of non-compliance and the types of resources available for assistance.

For tailored advice, you can contact us via email or phone 1300 341 665.