Financial reporting obligations the focus of new webinar


30 November 2018 

Our newest webinar provides information about financial reporting obligations for organisations and their branches.

The webinar is the latest to be prepared as part of our 2018/19 ROC Education Strategy.

It provides an overview of the statutory financial obligations and timelines as they relate to items such as loans grants and donations statements, financial reports, audits, the provision of reports to members and the presentation of these reports.

With some key dates approaching, we invite organisations with a financial year ending on 31 December 2018 in particular to view the webinar which is available here.

We also remind organisations to make use of the various tools and on-line resources available at such as our compliance calculator, model financial statements, checklists, fact sheets and templates.

For tailored advice, you can contact us directly via or phone 1300 341 665.