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The ROC launches national 2018/19 Education Strategy for registered organisations

11 July 2018


The Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) has today launched its national 2018/19 Education Strategy to provide registered organisations with additional tools and materials to aid in their compliance with regulatory reporting obligations.

The comprehensive Strategy sets out a 12-month education framework to assist registered organisations, their branches, reporting units and officers to plan ahead on using the tools they might need to become more familiar with and better equipped to meet their financial reporting and accountability requirements under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

Information to be presented under the Strategy is designed to further support a generally growing culture of voluntary compliance among registered organisations, and build on an emerging shift towards improved levels of compliance since the ROC commenced in May 2017.

Registered organisations - unions and employer groups - achieved a 100% compliance rate for lodging annual returns in March this year, while compliance rates relating to the quality and content of financial reports lodged with the ROC is also up - from around 50% some two years ago to around 75% now, and trending upwards.

“The Strategy is integral to our on-going commitment to explore and develop new ways to educate, assist and advise registered organisations and their office holders in navigating and complying with their statutory obligations,” said Registered Organisations Commissioner Mr Mark Bielecki.

“The Strategy sets out the full suite of additional educational sessions and tools that will be made available to registered organisations over the next 12 months and importantly when those materials will become available. This will enable organisations to plan ahead as to how they may want to upskill and be better equipped to meet their financial reporting and accountability requirements, which I am happy to say, have continued to improve since the ROC commenced in May 2017,” Mr Bielecki said.

A priority since the ROC commenced, and continuing, has been on education and promoting voluntary compliance, and the new Strategy is an all-encompassing extension of the ROC’s work in this area, which has featured rolling information and awareness campaigns nationally, supplemented with a host of guidance materials, workshops and various on-line resources.

The ROC has developed the Education Strategy following on-going consultation with organisations and peak bodies about education and the types of resources they require.

The Strategy sets out timeframes for when the ROC will deliver education campaigns enabling organisations to access up-to-date information and education materials in areas such as corrupting benefits, financial reporting, whistleblower policies, election requirements as well as dates of upcoming training and interstate information sessions.  The information is complemented by various existing, and what will be new and updated on-line resources and materials including webinars, newsletters, templates, fact sheets and checklists.  Notably, the Strategy will also include materials to assist members of organisations to better understand the financial statements of their organisation.

The new Strategy will be circulated to more than 800 ROC information service subscribers today, and is available on the new Education Strategy page of the ROC website.  

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