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Rich bank of educational resources aids compliance obligations

 12 December 2018

Education and guidance remains at the forefront of the ROC’s focus in providing registered organisations with practical and readily accessible information to aid their compliance obligations.

In recent months, the ROC has delivered a number of initiatives to assist and guide employer groups and unions around a range of important compliance issues.

The scope of activity has been largely driven by the ROC’s 2018/19 Education Strategy which was launched this year to assist organisations to plan ahead and manage their training so that they can meet their statutory requirements or generally upskill.

The strategy was developed following consultation with organisations and peak bodies about education needs and the types of resources they require.

The ROC has since provided a rich bank of web-based resources including: 

  • A new Guide to Understanding Financial Statements designed specifically to encourage ‘rank and file’ members to participate in the affairs of their organisation while also being a great resource for everyone, with an accompanying webinar
  • A compliance calculator which enables organisations to customise to their own specific circumstances the steps needed to meet legislative timeframes
  • Additional webinars and materials to aid organisations and their officers in understanding reporting guidelines and obligations
  • Comprehensive guidance notes on items such as corrupting benefits laws, and
  • A range of updated education resources in response to feedback from officers and staff of organisations such as model financial statements, advanced review checklists and fact sheets.

In addition, the ROC has delivered five information workshops, with more planned in 2019. Almost two thirds of all registered organisations and nearly 350 people attended the workshops this year in Parramatta, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth and Brisbane. 

ROC Commissioner Mr Mark Bielecki said this significant level of work combined with rolling education campaigns and the launch of various on-line tools and resources has been integral to the ROC’s on-going commitment to educate, assist and guide registered organisations.  

Mr Bielecki added that importantly the outreach has contributed to an emerging shift towards improved levels of compliance.

“We continue to make considerable progress by ensuring that organisations have access to the right tools and concise, readily accessible information so they are aware of their statutory obligations and can deliver best practice outcomes to their members,” said Mr Bielecki. 

“Significantly, our efforts have resulted in an improvement in compliance levels since the ROC commenced in May 2017, and looking ahead a key focus will remain on educating and supporting registered organisations in meeting their statutory obligations to help ensure this trend continues.” 

The ROC remains committed to assisting the 106 registered organisations it interacts with as well as their branches all of which comprise some 375 reporting units to become familiar with their obligations in accordance with the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009, which is designed to ensure organisations are representative of, and accountable to, their members and are able to operate effectively. 


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