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Registered Organisation Commission asks auditors to register now

18 May 2017

The Registered Organisations Commission is requesting auditors who audit registered organisations to apply for registration now.

The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 requires that all financial reports of organisations and branches be audited by an auditor registered by the Registered Organisations Commission before financial reports are provided to members.

“The registration of auditors is a key step towards high standards of accountability and transparency in registered organisations,” Registered Organisations Commissioner Mark Bielecki said.

“The Commission is committed to working with key stakeholders in order to improve voluntary compliance amongst registered organisations. A registration scheme which seeks to ensure high professional standards for auditors is a key part of this process.”

Auditors are asked to visit the Commission’s website – www.roc.gov.au – for application forms and for information on the new rules covering the obligations and rotation of auditors.

“I encourage auditors who audit registered organisations to make themselves familiar with the Guidance Note and the answers to Frequently Asked Questions on our website,” Commissioner Bielecki said.

“Auditors who are already a registered company auditor under the Corporations Act will find the registration process relatively straightforward.”

The Commission will also be holding workshops and a webinar to inform auditors about the new registration process. Workshops will be held in Melbourne on 25th May 2017 and in Sydney on 1st June 2017 and further information is available on the Commission’s website – www.roc.gov.au. Auditors can RSVP to these events by emailing regorgs@roc.gov.au.

Auditors who are currently auditing a financial report of a registered organisation or a branch have a transitional recognition period which covers them until 2 August 2017. An auditor must be registered if they intend to sign an audit after this date.

Media Enquiries: media@roc.gov.au