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Perth workshop latest initiative to guide compliance

21 September 2018

The Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) has successfully delivered its latest information workshop this time in Perth, the most recent initiative to provide education, assistance and guidance to employer groups and unions around a range of important compliance and statutory issues.

The Perth workshop on 19 September was modelled on similar sessions held this year at Parramatta, Melbourne and Darwin and forms part of the ROC’s 2018/19 Education Strategy. This strategy is a web-based resource that assists registered organisations to plan ahead and to manage their training so that they can better meet their statutory requirements and their obligations to their members.

“From the time the ROC commenced in May 2017 our aim has been to explore and develop new ways to educate, guide and advise registered organisations in navigating and complying with their statutory obligations,” said Registered Organisations Commissioner Mr Mark Bielecki.

“A key on-going focus has been on providing the right tools and making information readily accessible for registered organisations, and to do this, we have introduced a number of initiatives and on-line resources which I am pleased to say continue to be well received, particularly by those people in trade unions and employer associations who are using them to save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency.”

The scope of activity rolled out by the ROC to assist registered organisations has included:

  • The national 2018/19 Education Strategy
  • A helpline and an interactive on-line web based compliance calculator
  • Updated guidance note on corrupting benefits, and officer and related party disclosure obligations
  • Provision of reminders and alerts to registered organisations in relation to their compliance timelines and requirements
  • Launch of an Officer Induction Kitfor office holders, particularly those new to their roles
  • A suite of on-line resources including checklists, templates, fact sheets, newsletters and model financial statements. Webinars alone have attracted hundreds of participants
  • An on-line subscription service with more than 800 subscribers, and steadily growing
  • Information campaigns on whistleblowing, reporting guidelines and regulatory obligations generally

Compliance and governance education is developed in consultation with organisations and their peak bodies.

Financial reporting guidelines, for example, were issued after discussion with the ACTU and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry representing their employee and employer affiliates. The ROC has also consulted with a cross section of newly registered auditors.

“We have made considerable progress in a relatively short time in delivering on our commitment to ensure that registered organisations are aware of their statutory obligations,” Mr Bielecki said.

As well as providing an overview of their statutory and reporting requirements, the ROC’s Australia-wide workshops provide education, assistance and guidance around a range of issues for registered organisations and their members. They include modules on new officer induction, corrupting benefits and officer and related party disclosures and compliance more generally. Also, attendees are able to ask questions and discuss issues related to their organisations directly with staff of the ROC or the Commissioner.

To date, more than 300 people from over 60 registered organisations have attended the ROC’s information workshops, representing almost two thirds of all registered organisations that the ROC interacts with.

Organisations interested in attending the Brisbane workshop can express interest by emailing regorgs@roc.gov.au

Media contact:    (03) 9603 0767 or media@roc.gov.au