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Perth information session for registered organisations

7 September 2018

The Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) will host its next information workshop in Perth which is focused on assisting federally registered organisations - unions and employer groups - navigate and meet their regulatory obligations.

The workshop, at the Rendezvous Hotel on 19 September, is modelled on similar workshops held at Parramatta, Melbourne and Darwin this year and is part of the national 2018/19 ROC Education Strategy

The workshop is again being held for registered organisations as well as employer associations, industry groups, auditors and peak bodies and provides a chance for participants to meet and engage with the Commissioner as well as members of the Commission’s education, compliance and finance teams.

As well as providing an overview of their statutory and reporting requirements, the workshop will provide education, assistance and guidance around a range of important issues for registered organisations and their members. It includes modules on new officer induction, corrupting benefits and officer and related party disclosures and compliance more generally, including the redesigned web-based compliance calculator. 

The workshop also provides those attending with opportunities to ask questions on matters that they may be concerned or unsure about.

The workshop is an important part of the ROC’s on-going commitment to assist registered organisations, their branches, reporting units and officers, to become more familiar with their obligations under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009, which is designed to ensure organisations and their officers meet high standards of accountability to their members.

Registered Organisations Commissioner Mr Mark Bielecki said the aim of the workshop was to provide office holders with the right skills and the practical knowledge to help them to do their job. It is also an opportunity to listen to their issues.

“We see these workshops as an extension of our work in engaging with, assisting and educating organisations in meeting their reporting obligations,” Mr Bielecki said.

The decision to run the Perth workshop comes in light of encouraging levels of interest from officers of organisations in Western Australia and feedback from participants at previous workshops. The program for the Perth workshop can also be accessed on the ROC website.

More than 250 people from over 60 registered organisations have attended workshops to date - nearing two thirds of all registered organisations that the ROC interacts with. A further workshop is scheduled for Brisbane in November, with more possibly in 2019.

The ROC currently interacts with 106 federally registered organisations across Australia - 61 employer associations and 45 trade unions.

Organisations interested in attending the workshop can express their interest by emailing regorgs@roc.gov.au

Media contact:   (03) 9603 0767 or media@roc.gov.au