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New webinar to complement information guide


1 November 2018

The ROC has launched a new on-line webinar to complement its recently released Guide to Understanding Financial Statements which assists members to understand the financial reports of their own organisations.

The webinar is the latest to be made available by the ROC as part of its national 2018/19 ROC Education Strategy.

In particular, it provides a narrative overview of key documents and statements which form part of financial reports of registered organisations, with explanations to illustrate their purpose, the various compliance requirements and some of the concepts behind their preparation.

The webinar goes hand-in-hand with the information guide, which was released by the ROC in mid-October to provide ‘rank and file’ members with accessible, easy-to-read information, as well as clear and concise tools to assist them in understanding the financial reports of their organisation.

The ROC has prepared the two on-line educational resources to further assist members to better engage with their own organisation’s financial report, and in turn their financial performance and position.

The new webinar can be viewed at: this link 

For more details, visit the ROC website: financial reporting page or email regorgs@roc.gov.au or phone 1300 341 665.


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