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Compliance Calculator - latest online tool to aid compliance

10 September 2018

Registered organisations can now access an updated, easy to use on-line calculator to plan, review and manage compliance.

The interactive web-based tool has been redesigned to assist registered organisations, their branches, officers and members plan ahead to meet various legislative timeframes.

The enhanced functionality of the calendar makes it easier for users to add their own specific information which is then calculated to show optimal dates for compliance relevant to their organisation.

The calculator provides information on timeframes for loans, grants and donations statements, financial reporting, annual returns and when officer and related party statements need to be lodged.

Information can also be entered in relation to elections to determine when prescribed information and notifications of change need to be lodged and by what time officer training is to be completed.

The calculator features additional pop-up information and the redesigned format means the calculator can be accessed on a wider range of devices and electronic platforms.

“The compliance calculator has been designed to be a user-friendly web-based tool to provide information and help for registered organisations so they can plan ahead and more easily manage their compliance,” said Registered Organisations Commissioner Mr Mark Bielecki.

“In essence it provides step-by-step guidance and gives you an indication that something needs to be done and by when. The compliance calculator is the latest on-line resource produced by the ROC to assist registered organisations and their office holders in navigating and complying with their statutory obligations.

“I encourage registered organisations and their office holders to use the calculator which is easily accessible on the ROC website. It really is a most useful resource that can save organisations time and resources in preparing documentation in line with their statutory requirements.”  

Whilst not a replacement for an organisation’s rules or the legislation, the compliance calculator has been set up in light of feedback received from various registered organisations, particularly from those who have attended interstate information workshops this year.

The compliance calculator can be accessed here.

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