ROC survey asks: how can we help you?

4 August 2017

Employee and employer organisations are being encouraged to have their say on how the Registered Organisations Commission can help them improve their compliance. 

The Commission has recently launched a survey to determine the best ways of communicating to registered organisations about their obligations. 

Click here to take the survey.

“This survey is an excellent opportunity for registered organisations to raise any compliance questions they need addressed,” Registered Organisations Commissioner Mark Bielecki said.

“The Commission uses a variety of communication methods to help registered organisations with their reporting requirements, including fact sheets, webinars, templates and pre-recorded videos.

This survey gives these organisations the opportunity to tell us what works for them.”

During the survey, respondents will have the opportunity to say if they need to know more about their new obligations under the Act.

“As new regulator, we are committed to encouraging a culture of voluntary compliance within registered organisations and fostering their efficient management,” Commissioner Bielecki said. “By improving accountability and transparency within employee and employer organisations, we can enhance public confidence in the sector.”

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